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I am posting my film work on Vimeo* (this link will take you to my Vimeo profile page which is a good starting point).  There are over 900 films posted, BUT, the vast majority are individual time-lapse scenes filmed around the San Francisco Bay Area as part of an ongoing collection I call The San Francisco Variations.

The following links will direct you to specific Vimeo “Albums”:

San Francisco (copy2).004The San Francisco Variations:  constitutes the vast majority of the films I have posted on Vimeo.  These are all individual time-lapse scenes collected since 2005.  More information on this ongoing project.

TNs Lapsed Time02Lapsed Time:  These are newer works, mostly arty music videos.  All of these videos were created with a Digital-SLR, After Effects & Final Cut.  The Tourist is the highlight of this collection, but I also like The Joshua Tree Variations.

TNs Infinite Loops01Dave’s Infinite Loops:  These are works with no beginning, middle or end!  Originally intended to be displayed continuously in an Art Gallery setting, these are purely abstract works, which can be viewed for 5 seconds or 5 hours.  Depending on your point of view, they can induce a meditative state, or cause a headache.  They tend to be very dense visually and look awesome in HD but not quite as sharp on Vimeo, alas.  More information on this collection.

TNs Stock Footage01Dave’s FREE time-lapse collection!:  Is what it says, a growing collection of High Quality time-lapse clips (& assorted other oddities), all available for FREE, downloadable from Vimeo.  More information (including downloading instructions).

TNs Super-801The Super-8:  Stone(d) age Super-8 movies done in my youth!  For over 25 years I shot incoherent & trippy “home movies” in Super-8.  This particular group, The Super-8, represents the 1970s.  Included in this album is 5757, home movies shot while working at Industrial Light & Magic in Van Nuys, California.  By far, the most viewed movie I have ever made.  More information on The Super-8, and my Super-8 films in general.  More information on 5757.

TNs Mikrokosmos01Mikrokosmos:  (or Dave’s 1980’s Super-8 Sketchbook) Currently, a work in progress (story of my life!).  Little home movies, vignettes, sketches, etc … filmed in Super-8 in (mainly) the 1980’s.  It’s a long story, more information here.

TNs High Sierra01High Sierra Reverie:  I produced this “artistic travelogue” with friend, author and wilderness explorer Phil Arnot, who I met in 1991 while on one of his 9 day High Sierra hiking adventures.  The High Sierra is the mountain range in California which contains Yosemite, King’s Canyon & Sequoia National Parks, distinctive for its beauty and granite, much memorialized, most famously by John Muir.  If only I had waited 10 years, I could’ve done this in HD!  This is the second project I did with Phil Arnot, the first was The Island In Time about Point Reyes National Seashore, done in 1993-1995 in Hi8 home video format.

TNs BellN01Bell (n):  This is a single film, completed in 1995 in collaboration with Randall Packer (composer).  Currently, I do not have it logically grouped in any of these Vimeo Albums, but none the less, it deserves to be seen.

TNs Guru Darshan01Babaji:  This album contains Super-8 home movies from 1977-1979 shot in India and featuring Shri Haidakhan Babaji, a spiritual master who had a lot of followers.  Babaji died in 1984, and a few years after that I made these movies available in VHS format (later in DVD).  The beautiful music was done by Italian composer Turkantam (Matteo Sorrentino).  These movies are probably not going to make much sense unless you were a devotee of Babaji.   They are downloadable for FREE!

Anyone who desperately needs to know anything about my craft, there are some mundane tidbits posted on the about page of Lapsed Time Images.


*Vimeo is a film & video hosting site, not unlike YouTube but less cluttered.

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