Infinite Loops

God's EyeDave’s Infinite Loops on Vimeo*

A loop is a scene which plays over and over.  If the transition point is finessed, it can appear there is no beginning, no ending. It plays “infinitely”.  I did not make this up, loops have been around in one form or another forever. The earth going around the sun is a loop. Repeated phrases in music are loops. Habits are loops.  Life is a loop. The term can also refer to endlessly repeated lines of computer software code.  I borrowed the phrase “Infinite Loop” from my friend Adam Beckett, who created beautiful works of animation based largely on loops, or repeated cycles of animation drawings.  Beckett informally named his company “Infinite Animation Limited”.  (Or did he? I dunno, my memory is hazy, and it was 40 years ago).  Just the same, “Infinite Loop” sounds better than plain old “Loop”.

A lot of the films I make have no beginning, middle or end.  Infinite Loops.  Some years ago, I did a few Infinite Loops for a friend who was promoting works such as these as a form of art, such that you would see in an Art Gallery.  A lot of video art is like this.  So, picture yourself in an Art Gallery, a darkened room, with ambient sound, and gaze at these works much like you would at abstract paintings. Some may require no more than a glance, others may absorb your attention longer. Your mind will fill in the rest.

Infinite Loops (Dave’s sort #1)

Infinite Loops (catalog)