The Super 8 films

Super 8 logo 1

Originally, the Super 8 was a DVD featuring 8 short films shot in the 1970s, but edited (somewhat) in the oughts, digitally.  …  And, plus I added updated music (actually, I was playing it in the background while editing blahblahblah).  I made about 12 copies.  Here is a sample:

You get the point.  Here’s more from those halcyon days:  The Super 8 on Vimeo

Mikrokosmos grid01

Mikrokosmos (Dave’s Super-8 Sketchbook 1979-1991) is a collection of short pieces culled from Super-8 footage shot between 1979-1991 (well, mostly the 1980’s).  Originally, I had this grand idea of creating a series of pieces set to the piano music of Bela Bartok, specifically the Mikrokosmos, a set of progressive pedagogical piano works.  Hey, it was the beginning of MTV and I thought there might be an audience for stuff like this!  (I was wrong.  But…, I learned a lot in the process!)  The pieces I created were worked into the ground, edited to death so to speak and tedious to watch.  And, I came to realize not everyone appreciates Bartok.  Here is an example, probably the most interesting of the Mikrokosmos collection:

This particular video featured 16mm film footage, so I digress a bit here.  Anyhow…, I moved on, and shelved that particular project.

I had a nostalgia for that old Super-8 footage, and recently began to transfer the movies to a digital HD format.  I included home movies.  I began to rework the material into little “sketches”, working quickly and not trying to refine the rough edges.  I expanded the music selections (beyond Bartok), and began including sound effects.  The short sketches can be viewed in random order.  Here is a sample:

Dave’s 1980’s Super-8 SketchBook