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Lapsed Time:  contains my most recent generic work, mostly from the last 15 years.  A work in progress, as newer works are added, older works modified…

Infinite Loops:  a lot of the films I make have no beginning, middle or end.  Infinite Loops.  Picture yourself in an Art Gallery, a darkened room, with ambient sound, and gaze at these works much like you would at abstract paintings.


Below are some Examples & Samples of my film work (yes, I still call it film).  Sort of arranged chronologically from oldest to newest (feel free to skip around).  The selection is a work in progress:

teleVisions:  This film has a history that goes back to 1974-1975, when I shot these images with my Super-8 camera.  Yes, I used to show stuff with 2 projectors superimposing images, randomly.  Later, like late 1980s, I was working in video and recreated this idea, blending imagery, in this case random single frames of pavement textures, combined with various old movies filmed off a black & white tv set in my apartment.  The score is by Italian composer Matteo Sorrentino, known as Turkantam.

5757:  As fate would have it, this is by far my most viewed film!  Yeah, I happened to be at the right place at the right time, and took some crummy home movies.  The place happened to be Industrial Light & Magic 1976-1977, Van Nuys, California.

(notturno):  the title actually refers to the piano music by Bela Bartok.  This dates from 1986 when I had the great (haha) idea of creating little music videos set to piano music from Bartok’s Mikrokosmos.  haha.  This piece was recreated for HD, although the Super-8 film renders a soft quality.

Barking Dogs:  the original version of this was completed around 2000, with some encouragement (and the blessing of King Coffey of The Butthole Surfers), I entered it in RESFest only to be rejected!  A few years later, I recomposed all the shots into a 16:9 HD format, everything sharp and clear but suffered somewhat for compression.  Therapy & After Effects, this was.

God’s Eye:  created in 2005 and intended to be a gallery installation, playing as “an infinite loop”.  Actually, this piece had its beginnings a few years before that, as a “spiritual interlude” in an artistic documentary titled High Sierra Reverie.  When I was asked to create some gallery installation pieces in High Definition (until then, I had never worked in HD), I thought I could re-purpose the elements (even though they were Standard Definition), expanding and layering them to better fill the High Definition format.

The Joshua Tree Variations:  filmed over a 3 day period in March 2011, and quickly edited together without a lot of fuss.  The “variation” format gave me a template for subsequent work.

Square Loops:  (from 2012) a series of looped animations entirely created in After Effects using black & white solids (in this case, squares) as source material, and then playing with them in 3D space.  Note the “variation” format.  I hate to say it, but I have not really progressed beyond cubes when it comes to the world of 3D compositing!

ascension:  (from 2017) I have been doing basic cloud time-lapse since my Super-8 days in the 1970s.  And, if you have looked at any of my work, you might say that “this guy loves the MIRROR IMAGE effect!”.  Why not combine two of my favorite things?

Z O O M:  (from 2019) Inspiration came from the use of “Exponential Scale” to the z axis in After Effects creating a sort of “Infinite Zoom”, which doesn’t appear to speed up as it gets closer.  I throw in my usual bag of tricks in the windows which form the basis of the elements, which are 30 second loops that are dissolved and cut together to fit the music.  Ah, the music!  Currently, I am seeking another score which would enable me to release the work to the world.  So, consider this a “temp” score, a “placeholder”, a “proxy” version!

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opArt loops:  little abstractions, experiments, sometimes used in the development of bigger projects.