the San Francisco Variations

The San Francisco Variations is a collection of scenes filmed in and around San Francisco.  Most of the scenes are filmed as time-lapse or single frame sequences.  The definition of what is and what is not included in the collection is obscure and constantly evolving.  The San Francisco Variations is An Infinite Loop, in that there is no beginning, middle or end.  New scenes are constantly added.  Older scenes are sometimes modified or deleted.  The San Francisco Variations is a perpetual work-in-progress.

The scenes are not edited in any specific order, but are viewed randomly.  The following links present 3 evolving interpretations of The San Francisco Variations. There is no sound, the viewer is invited to add sound or music to the presentation.  Watch it for 5 seconds, watch it for 5 hours.

San Francisco Variations on Vimeo:  Here is the entire collection (always growing) contained in a single location on Vimeo.  You can search within this album for specific scenes using key words.

Some notes about time-lapse photography appear in the about page of Lapsed Time Images.

Any ideas for locations & events around San Francisco that I should check out?  Please contact me!  DB

San Francisco (copy2).004

Not enough?  Here are 5 sampler videos edited with music:


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