“Night Trips”: nocturnal experiments

A collection of photographic abstractions stemming from a disparate collection of nocturnal time-lapse shots collected over the last few years.  Improvisations, if you will.


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Bruce Conner and the Art of Juxtaposition

conner-imagef-00003Dennis Hopper called Bruce Conner “the most important artist of the 20th century”.  He frequently recycled stock footage, found objects, photographs, clippings, whatever, into “assemblages” filled with irony, humor & pathos.  I first encountered Conner via “A MOVIE” in High School nearly 50 years ago, and either consciously or sub-consciously, he has been a huge influence on my film work.  Bruce Conner:  It’s All True is a career spanning retrospective which will be at SFMOMA (San Francisco) from late October to January 2017.

“Mongoloid” is a Music Video Conner did for Devo.

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Great photograph by John Schoenwalter

cole1aI recently celebrated a birthday and I received a card with this wonderful picture on it.  I dare you to look at this picture and not smile.

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Operatic Audi commercial

A highlight of watching the Emmy Awards show last night for me was this Audi commercial, depicting the birth and death of a tear drop.  Bravo!

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The Crack Between Worlds

Actually, it’s just another sunset over the Pacific, viewed from the Marin Headlands (just north of San Francisco).

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Lang Lang and dancer Marquese Scott team up for Chopin’s “Ocean” etude

Here’s a wonderful pairing of the great Lang Lang performing Chopin’s “Ocean” etude along with dancer Marquese Scott’s inspired moves.  A refreshing idea:  taking the music out of the Concert Hall.  Works for me!

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Soothing Greenery

Just looking down on some kind of water plants, blowing in the wind, somewhat manipulated to create a loop.  Not that it matters, but filmed with an iPhone in Point Reyes National Seashore…

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Be the Shark of the Ocean!

Need a pep talk?  Check out the AMAZING Demarjay Smith, age 8, personal trainer & motivational speaker from Jamaica.

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Battle Beyond the Sun

The original 1959 Russian film “Nebo Zovyot” (The Sky Calls) was dubbed and re-edited for American audiences by Roger Corman, who hired a young film maker named Francis Ford Coppola to do the job.  Coppola shot additional sequences featuring the penis & vagina creatures seen prominently  in the trailer (and lobby card)!  Greatness has to start somewhere.


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“Molten Cubes” trippy abstract loop


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