Be the Shark of the Ocean!

Need a pep talk?  Check out the AMAZING Demarjay Smith, age 8, personal trainer & motivational speaker from Jamaica.

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Battle Beyond the Sun

The original 1959 Russian film “Nebo Zovyot” (The Sky Calls) was dubbed and re-edited for American audiences by Roger Corman, who hired a young film maker named Francis Ford Coppola to do the job.  Coppola shot additional sequences featuring the penis & vagina creatures seen prominently  in the trailer (and lobby card)!  Greatness has to start somewhere.


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“Molten Cubes” trippy abstract loop


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Forbidden Planet 1956


Forbidden Planet was MGM’s lavish entry into the pantheon of great 1950’s Science-Fiction Films.  The plot was loosely based on Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” (I never read it either, but there’s a recent film version with Helen Mirren, maybe I should check it out).  The film begins in space, aboard Starship C-57D as it approaches the planet Altair IV.  The crew is tasked with determining the fate of a previous expedition to same planet (some 20 years before). Prior to landing, they are contacted by a survivor of that expedition, the scientist Morbius (one of the coolest Science-Fiction names, by the way, up there with Klaatu), and are warned not to land, due to some unspecified danger.  Of course, they stubbornly land anyways, and are greeted by Morbius, his nubile young daughter Altaira and their super cool robot named Robby.  They appear to be living comfortably in an ultra modern house beautifully situated in the alien landscape of Altair IV (sort of looks like the desert southwest but with green skies).  But, there is a terrifying invisible monster lurking out there, which seems bent on killing members of the crew of C-57D (but does not seem to have a beef with Morbius & his daughter).  Also, it turns out, Morbius’s house is situated above the remnants of an extinct civilization called the Krell, and in an impressive reveal, Morbius gives the Captain and a few crew members a tour of a vast (still functioning) underground Krell city which fucking blows their minds to say the least.  Morbius demonstrates a Krell machine which sort of lets you fabricate shit right out of your own mind.  Turns out, that machine, why the Krell went extinct, and what the hell the invisible monster is, are all related.

Here’s an interesting documentary on Forbidden Planet (in 2 parts):

One of the ground breaking things about the film was the the electronic “score” created by  Bebe and Louis Barron (which is discussed in part 2 of the documentary).  Here’s a great short video where the great Sound Designer Ben Burtt re-creates some of the sound for Forbidden Planet, explaining how it was done using 1950’s technology:

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Swirly abstract water loop

High speed water shot with a Sony RX100 IV, enhanced via After Effects.  Here’s a common weird effect:  if you stare at this loop until the end, when it stops, it will seem to rotate or twist in the opposite direction (even though the image is frozen).  Weird, huh?

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Beautiful World by Devo

A classic in the genre of “Ironical Music Videos”.  It’s a Beautiful World.  Or is it?

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Mothra (1961 Japanese film)

On an expedition to a “supposedly” uninhabited island where atomic tests have been conducted, a native tribe is discovered that worships a giant egg named Mothra (actually Mosura).  There are also 2 tiny twin girls (only 12 inches high) who sing a cool “Mo-su-ra” song, and they end up getting kidnapped, taken back to Tokyo where they perform the “Mo-su-ra” song in a show.  Turns out the song helps to awaken the egg which hatches into a giant caterpillar which swims across the ocean, destroying everything in its path, in order to rescue the girls.  Somewhere along the way, the caterpillar spins a cocoon and hatches out into a giant moth, wreaks even more havoc and eventually flies the tiny girls back home (or something like that).

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Scenic views from Yosemite

A couple of scenes of the view of Half Dome taken from Glacier Point, followed by a scenic vista from near Inspiration Point (a short hike above Tunnel View).  Freshly filmed from about 10 days ago!

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Tunnel View (Yosemite), Nighttime

The most iconic photo destination in Yosemite National Park?  Certainly the most visited, at least during the daytime, but at nighttime the crowds dwindle.  Time lapsers open their apertures, lengthen their exposures and crank up the ISO.  I’m the crazy guy in the red beanie with the flashlight.

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Mother’s Day


Here’s a nostalgic photo from 1922:  my Mom, my GrandMom & my Great-GrandMom navigate this river known as life (actually, it’s the Little Miami River in Ohio).  What more can I say?  I owe my very existence to them.

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