Alex Schomburg, Science Fiction artist


I recently came across this image by chance.  It graced the inside covers of the “Winston Science Fiction” series of books which were published for juvenile readers in the 1950s.  The picture pretty much epitomizes (in my mind) 1950s Science Fiction, most notably the giant robot with the destructive beam coming out of its cyclopean eye, something I envisioned Gort capable of achieving in The Day The Earth Stood Still.  My older brother had a number of these books, and I subsequently read some of them.  One was “Danger Dinosaurs!” wherein an expedition travels back to the Jurassic, supposedly to take pictures of dinosaurs, and naturally shit happens, leading to the death of the brother of the main character.  When he returns to the present, he finds that his brother never existed in the first place, which is what happens if you die before you are born.  Even his memories of his brother fade away.  Heavy stuff for a 10 year old mind.