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Very clever pianist improvises in the style of famous classical composers !

By the talented & prolific (on YouTube, at least!) Nahre Sol.

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Bill Murray, Jan Vogler & Friends: “West Side Story” Medley

I was truly moved the other night on Stephen Colbert!  The combination of Bill Murray at his ironic best and the absolute top notch classical musicians headed by cellist Jan Vogler make magic!  Puerto Rico !!!

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30 day time-lapse: view from a Container Ship

Here’s an awesome time-lapse from JeffHK on YouTube!

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Pavement Numbers Loop

Another abstract construction in the opArt series.

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Swirly Abstract Cloud(s) Loop

Seriously, I just figured out that you can loop embeds on Vimeo!  Optical illusion:  if you stare at this long enough, and stop it manually, it will appear to reverse direction and keep moving,  slowly. opArt loops are like little … Continue reading

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1994 Soundgarden – Fell On Black Days

Chris Cornell 1964-2017.  Rest In Peace.

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EVERYTHING – mini masterpiece from David OReilly

This is (I guess) a promo for an interactive game with the tag “Be the Universe in this epic reality simulation game” created by David OReilly.  I better stop there.  I am NOT a gamer, and I have no business … Continue reading

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1968 Plymouth commercial with Petula Clark

They don’t make car commercials like they used to.

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Seagull portraits GIF

Ok, I cheated.  It’s the same seagull throughout.

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Chopin’s sublime Prelude in C Sharp Minor Opus 45

Young Polish pianist Krzysztof Książek performs the work with great delicacy.  From a performance at the 2015 International Chopin Competition.  Prepare to be mesmerized.

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