Thus far, my 3D experience in After Effects has consisted of making cubes in After Effects 3D environment. I figured it was time to move on to spheres. So I searched the www and quickly located a FREE plug-in from Video Copilot called ORB. Yes, that’s right, it’s free ! And, there is a nice video tutorial, so I was making “Orbs” (spheres) within minutes of downloading the plug-in, thanks to Video Copilot ! It uses its own 3D space which is controlled within the plug-in (and not After Effects 3D space), which presents some constraints ( … ah, but isn’t much of film-making about working around constraints ? … ) In the process of learning to use ORB, I made a series of variations (or perhaps, meditations) which consist of loops. I assembled all the variations to create the little film “ORB-ISH”. The imagery derives mainly from time-lapse scenes collected over the last 2 years. The variations are put together in the order that they were created (with music was added).