“The Age of Reptiles” by Rudolph Zallinger

thegreatageofdinosaurs-101This is a partial view of a large mural (110 feet wide, 16 feet high) completed in 1947 by art student Rudolph Zallinger for the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History.  A few years later, it appeared in LIFE Magazine as a part of the “The World We Live In” series which was later published in book form in 1955.  For kids growing up in the 1950s, this was our “go-to” reference on what life might have looked like when dinosaurs ruled the earth.  Obviously, thinking about this subject has evolved over the last 60 years, but this retro depiction still charms me.  I dream that some day, someone will make a science fiction film where people travel back in time to the age of dinosaurs, and find a world not unlike Zallinger’s “Age of Reptiles”.