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“a s c e n s i o n” : a heavenly experience

This is a finished version of the “Cloud Mirror” post from February.  Didn’t change much:  extended the length of the cloud segments & added the rising spheres.  Meditate on this, we are part of something greater !

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“The Age of Reptiles” by Rudolph Zallinger

This is a partial view of a large mural (110 feet wide, 16 feet high) completed in 1947 by art student Rudolph Zallinger for the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History.  A few years later, it appeared in LIFE Magazine as a … Continue reading

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Be the Shark of the Ocean!

Need a pep talk?  Check out the AMAZING Demarjay Smith, age 8, personal trainer & motivational speaker from Jamaica.

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Swirly abstract water loop

High speed water shot with a Sony RX100 IV, enhanced via After Effects.  Here’s a common weird effect:  if you stare at this loop until the end, when it stops, it will seem to rotate or twist in the opposite … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day

Here’s a nostalgic photo from 1922:  my Mom, my GrandMom & my Great-GrandMom navigate this river known as life (actually, it’s the Little Miami River in Ohio).  What more can I say?  I owe my very existence to them.

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Going The Wrong Way

This made me laugh when I first saw the movie Planes, Trains & Automobiles and it still makes me smile today, almost 30 years later.  There’s something deep going on here.

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Outerspace themed doodles & graffiti with hints of a story, as imagined by a young boy.  This was created as a gallery installation, to be run continuously as a seamless loop.

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The Labyrinth at Land’s End

Sounds kind of sexy, no ?  I was looking at a photo essay in the San Francisco Chronicle, something like “…the most photographed sites in San Francisco…”, and the Labyrinth (at Eagle Point, Land’s End, next to Mile Rock Beach) … Continue reading

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Seasonal Greetings 2015

Cheers from Lapsed Time Images !

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Teremtés by Márta Sebestyén

Some years ago, I stumbled upon an audio CD:  The Best of Márta Sebestyén, a Hungarian singer.  Her soothing vocals and folk instrumentations are a thing of beauty.  Of course, not speaking Hungarian, I had no idea what the lyrics … Continue reading

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