Stan Freberg R.I.P. (1926-2015)

stanfrebergfeaturingdawsbutlerandjuneforayandpe-thebestofthestanfrebergshowsWhen I was a kid, my Mom & Dad had a handful of “Comedy Albums”* in their record collection, and my favorite one was The Best of the Stan Freberg Shows (pictured at left):  a double album filled with hilarious comedy sketches which made fun of pop culture and politics (many of which I did not fully understand, but thought they were funny just the same).  His supporting cast included such notables as June Foray (voice of Rocky the Squirrel), Daws Butler (voice of Yogi Bear) and others. Mr. Freberg passed away on  April 7, 2015.

* I also remember albums by Shelly Berman & Bob Newhart.  One joke I remember was something like “… my Mother-in-law, she’s like really old, really old.  Her Social Security number is like, 2 …”, or another one was like “… I hear that women from the moon have their boobs on their backs instead of their chests. (pause) Must be great dancing with them!”.