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1994 Soundgarden – Fell On Black Days

Chris Cornell 1964-2017.  Rest In Peace.

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1968 Plymouth commercial with Petula Clark

They don’t make car commercials like they used to.

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Beautiful World by Devo

A classic in the genre of “Ironical Music Videos”.  It’s a Beautiful World.  Or is it?

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The Verve “Bitter Sweet Symphony”

Certainly, I do not need to post up this music video of The Verve‘s 1997 song Bitter Sweet Symphony, I mean it’s already been viewed over 200,000,000 times!  But, it’s a great song, no matter the tortured copyright issues stemming from … Continue reading

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The Animals “The House of the Rising Sun”

Eric Burdon and the Animals sing their 1964 hit song The House of the Rising Sun.  Who could forget this memorable tale of a life gone bad (spent in sin & misery).  Turns out, people have been singing this song for … Continue reading

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Seasonal Greetings 2015

Cheers from Lapsed Time Images !

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Teremtés by Márta Sebestyén

Some years ago, I stumbled upon an audio CD:  The Best of Márta Sebestyén, a Hungarian singer.  Her soothing vocals and folk instrumentations are a thing of beauty.  Of course, not speaking Hungarian, I had no idea what the lyrics … Continue reading

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Dweezil Zappa plays “Peaches en Regalia”

How does one describe Frank Zappa?  I had a Zappa fixation back in my college days circa 1969-1973 and sort of drifted away from it after that formative period in my life.  He was a musical iconoclast whose influences ran … Continue reading

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Stan Freberg R.I.P. (1926-2015)

When I was a kid, my Mom & Dad had a handful of “Comedy Albums”* in their record collection, and my favorite one was The Best of the Stan Freberg Shows (pictured at left):  a double album filled with hilarious … Continue reading

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Dread Zeppelin cover “Your Time Is Gonna Come”

For the uninitiated (from Wikipedia):  Dread Zeppelin is an American Band best known for performing the songs of Led Zeppelin in a reggae style as sung by a 300-pound Las Vegas Elvis impersonator.  I can’t decide whether I like this version … Continue reading

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