Discovery View, Yosemite Valley

June 11, 2013:  If you are driving to Yosemite Valley on Highway 41, you will come upon Discovery View (also called “Tunnel View”) just after you emerge from the Wawona Tunnel (carved through solid granite and completed in 1933, the Wawona tunnel was the longest* highway tunnel in California until the Devil’s Slide tunnel opened in 2013).  Needless to say, it is one of the most popular (& photographed) vistas in the world.


*4,149 feet in length

Robert Williams, artist

Robert Williams sample

Robert Williams (born 1943) is an American Artist who paints insane, hallucinogenic art with a strong emphasis on American Pop Culture.  (I give up, he is beyond description, ok?).  He was part of the Zap Comix collective of artists which included R. Crumb, Rick Griffin, Gilbert Shelton & other notables.

(I noticed recently that his work fits neatly with my love of film posters which I collect.)

Lobby Card sampleOh yeah, dude’s really into Hot Rods also:

hot rod