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GIF of the SUN !!

Taken from a NASA video published February 11th on YouTube.  The Solar Dynamics Observatory have created a stunning 5 year time-lapse video of the Sun, which is public domain and can be downloaded in various formats.  A most excellent use of our … Continue reading

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GIF of the day: weird eye thing

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Psychedelic Eye Candy of the Day

In case you don’t have the time to stare at this for hours, the letters spell out “Haight Ashbury, San Francisco”.  The underlying “strobing” image was assembled from graffiti filmed up and down Haight Street.

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Koi Congregation at the Japanese Tea Garden

Located in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.  When I filmed there in 2006, there were no Koi to be found.  Now, they’re legion.  Part of my ongoing San Francisco Variations project.

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