The Labyrinth at Land’s End

Sounds kind of sexy, no ?  I was looking at a photo essay in the San Francisco Chronicle, something like “…the most photographed sites in San Francisco…”, and the Labyrinth (at Eagle Point, Land’s End, next to Mile Rock Beach) was the only place I had not been.  Worthwhile.DB-LabyrinthA trap for malevolent spirits?  A symbol of the hard path to God?  A metaphor for life’s journey?  A pantheistic meditation on nature? A frivolous diversion?  Worthwhile.

Bond, James Bond

Super-suave 32 year old Sean Connery utters the iconic catchphrase “Bond, James Bond” for the first time, in the very first Bond movie Dr. No .  This was not the first Bond movie I saw, that was Goldfinger*, which I enjoyed so much that I sat through 2 consecutive viewings in the theatre.  Goldfinger was a big hit, so they re-issued the first 2 Bond films:  Dr. No and From Russia with Love (the films were yet to be shown on TV, back than if you wanted to see a movie, you went to the theatre).   Dr. No also featured Joseph Wiseman in the title role (the first Bond villain!), in a very tightly controlled performance, a study in stillness & menace.  Here’s a scene where Bond tries to get under Dr. No’s skin.

*Goldfinger:  the best Bond Title song!