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Swirly abstract water loop

High speed water shot with a Sony RX100 IV, enhanced via After Effects.  Here’s a common weird effect:  if you stare at this loop until the end, when it stops, it will seem to rotate or twist in the opposite … Continue reading

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Beautiful World by Devo

A classic in the genre of “Ironical Music Videos”.  It’s a Beautiful World.  Or is it?

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Mothra (1961 Japanese film)

On an expedition to a “supposedly” uninhabited island where atomic tests have been conducted, a native tribe is discovered that worships a giant egg named Mothra (actually Mosura).  There are also 2 tiny twin girls (only 12 inches high) who sing a cool “Mo-su-ra” song, and … Continue reading

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Scenic views from Yosemite

A couple of scenes of the view of Half Dome taken from Glacier Point, followed by a scenic vista from near Inspiration Point (a short hike above Tunnel View).  Freshly filmed from about 10 days ago!

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