Hill 88, GGNRA

The Golden Gate National Recreation Area includes many scenic areas which used to be controlled by the military.  From Fort Cronkhite, located in Marin County, you can hike to the summit of Hill 88.  This hike will reward you with spectacular views in all directions, and a healthy workout (5-6 miles, 1000′ elevation gain).  The abandoned, dilapidated & graffitied structures which reside at summit were once part of a radar station for the former Nike Missile Base which is located nearby.

The Labyrinth at Land’s End

Sounds kind of sexy, no ?  I was looking at a photo essay in the San Francisco Chronicle, something like “…the most photographed sites in San Francisco…”, and the Labyrinth (at Eagle Point, Land’s End, next to Mile Rock Beach) was the only place I had not been.  Worthwhile.DB-LabyrinthA trap for malevolent spirits?  A symbol of the hard path to God?  A metaphor for life’s journey?  A pantheistic meditation on nature? A frivolous diversion?  Worthwhile.