crossing the Richmond – San Rafael Bridge

May 23, 2019:  shot in time-lapse mode on my iPhone, crossing into Marin County, after sunset, on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.   The bridge opened in 1956, but has always been overshadowed by its more famous neighbors:  the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Breezy Broom loop

Here’s a pretty little scene filmed with my iPhone.  It looks weird because I applied the “Warp Stabilizer VFX” in After Effects.  It’s desperately trying to smooth out the flowery plant which is wildly blowing around in the wind.  This is what happens.  It’s only 5 seconds of video, but I looped it forwards-backwards.  Click here for a trippy version.

Hill 88, GGNRA

The Golden Gate National Recreation Area includes many scenic areas which used to be controlled by the military.  From Fort Cronkhite, located in Marin County, you can hike to the summit of Hill 88.  This hike will reward you with spectacular views in all directions, and a healthy workout (5-6 miles, 1000′ elevation gain).  The abandoned, dilapidated & graffitied structures which reside at summit were once part of a radar station for the former Nike Missile Base which is located nearby.