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The Raid (trailer): awesome music

(This may be a passing fancy.)  The Raid is a well made action movie made on a low budget in Jakarta, Indonesia. It features an Indonesian cast and was directed by Gareth Evans, an Englishman.  I am not going to … Continue reading

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The Earth Is Born

Christmas 1955:  my older brother receives a gift of this incredible book The World We Live In from my Grandparents.  It is filled with all these incredible photographs and even more incredible paintings by various artists, basically depicting the story … Continue reading

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The Giant Claw (trailer)

This 1957 film is about a gigantic bird that can fly at supersonic speed, and the devastation it leaves in its path.  The actual “Giant Claw” is not shown until later in the film, as scientists and military people are … Continue reading

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1940s Royal Crown Cola picture with Bela Lugosi

This is a treasured gift given to me by an old film school buddy, Ric Stafford.  In the 1940s Lugosi did pose for several advertising pictures including Kool Cigarettes, Remington Razors and, apparently, Royal Crown Cola.  Later, in the 1950s, … Continue reading

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Scenic view of Golden Gate Bridge

I check out  the Golden Gate Bridge as viewed from near Fort Point.  This scene (and many others) are included in The San Francisco Variations, a growing collection of time-lapse scenes filmed in and around the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Lang Lang tackles Prokofiev’s 3rd

This is an excerpt from a film Music From The Inside Out with the Philadelphia Orchestra.  Close up footage of an irrepressible Lang Lang rehearsing the final movement of Prokofiev’s much loved 3rd Piano Concerto.

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Square Loop (sample)

This is a sample loop from Square Loops (on Vimeo).  I did these variations using After Effects, sort of stumbling around, trying to get a grasp on working in 3D space (real & faked).

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