Gavrilov plays Prokofiev

Russian pianist extraordinaire Andrei Gavrilov takes on Prokofiev’s 8th Piano Sonata.  This clip features the 3rd and final movement.  One of the so called “War Sonatas”, but seldom performed or recorded.  I’ve long been a fan of Gavrilov’s stunning virtuosity & musical sensibilities, and this piece really showcases both assets.  Be patient!

whatnot (sample)

whatnot is an assemblage of oddities:  one-offs, experiments, improvisations, tests, variations, outtakes, mistakes & etc.  It consists of previously unused footage I have collected over the last few years with a Digital SLR camera.  It includes some time-lapse, stop-motion & LOTS of After Effects experiments and variations.   Like what you see?  Click on whatnot to see the full version on Vimeo.