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Every Frame a Painting talks Keaton

Tony at Every Frame a Painting on YouTube, shines the light on Buster Keaton and his unique comedic genius.  Great selection of clips, some interesting comparisons to contemporary film-makers and analysis of his technique. Includes some audio of Keaton talking about his … Continue reading

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Psychedelic “Pseudo-Slit-Scan Eye Effect”

No, this isn’t exactly like the famous “Stargate” sequence in 2001: A Space Odyssey, nor was it done the same way, it’s just that it’s hard to come up with descriptive titles for stuff like this.  Best I could do. … Continue reading

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Dramatic clouds over San Francisco

November 2, 2015.  This was one of those days where you could randomly point the camera and get something good.  The view is from Fort Point, you can see Torpedo Wharf in the bottom of the scene.

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R.I.P. Kodachrome (1935-2009)

Kodachrome was introduced 80 years ago by Eastman Kodak, first as a 16mm movie film, and later in still formats, notably 35mm slide film (anyone remember family slide shows?).  Prized by photographers for its color rendition and rich, deep blacks. Photographer … Continue reading

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Guilty Pleasure: DumbLand by David Lynch

DumbLand is comprised of 8 short episodes, all crudely animated (and I mean cruder than crude) and all about a nameless family (dimwitted psychotic father, hysterical inarticulate mother, annoying squeaky voiced kid) and their depressing (& hilarious) adventures around their home.  There is … Continue reading

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