Dweezil Zappa plays “Peaches en Regalia”

How does one describe Frank Zappa?  I had a Zappa fixation back in my college days circa 1969-1973 and sort of drifted away from it after that formative period in my life.  He was a musical iconoclast whose influences ran the gamut from cultural trash to the most refined musical tastes.  He music was progressive, experimental, touched with sarcasm and humor.  His output was prodigious.  One album that is forever etched in my mind is Hot Rats which was issued in 1969, and featured the instrumental “Peaches en Regalia”. The album was dedicated to Zappa’s newborn son Dweezil, …and so, here is Dweezil Zappa performing “Peaches en Regalia”, almost 40 years after Hot Rats was released by his father, Frank Zappa (1940-1993).

Beautifully textured “Red Wall” from Buenos Aires

(couldn’t figure out a better name for this post) Somewhere off a street in Buenos Aires:  a long wall which had been painted, re-painted, scraped, postered, scraped, aged, re-painted, graffitied, etc (you get the idea), creating a universe of beautiful textures.  I shot a series of still photographs, which I later arranged and processed in Adobe After Effects using simple zooms, dissolves and superimpositions to create this effect.

Cosmic Water loop

I like to mess around with moving texture imagery using Adobe After Effects!  This mesmerizing effect was created from a simple shot of water in a swimming pool, shot on an iPhone in slow motion.  I try to avoid obvious effects filters, preferring to rely on layering techniques that go back to my pre-digital days on the Optical Printer.  The nice thing about digital, however, is that I can do something like this in a couple of hours instead of days & weeks!