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Dweezil Zappa plays “Peaches en Regalia”

How does one describe Frank Zappa?  I had a Zappa fixation back in my college days circa 1969-1973 and sort of drifted away from it after that formative period in my life.  He was a musical iconoclast whose influences ran … Continue reading

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September 15, 2015: scenes from Yosemite

Ok, here’s the ubiquitous “Tunnel View” scene.  Early morning (actually sunrise).  Didn’t pan out, but then it never does (why have expectations?), but it’s still beautiful, no?: Later, same day, here’s a view of Half Dome taken from atop the Sentinel Dome … Continue reading

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Beautifully textured “Red Wall” from Buenos Aires

(couldn’t figure out a better name for this post) Somewhere off a street in Buenos Aires:  a long wall which had been painted, re-painted, scraped, postered, scraped, aged, re-painted, graffitied, etc (you get the idea), creating a universe of beautiful textures. … Continue reading

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Cosmic Water loop

I like to mess around with moving texture imagery using Adobe After Effects!  This mesmerizing effect was created from a simple shot of water in a swimming pool, shot on an iPhone in slow motion.  I try to avoid obvious … Continue reading

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