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1968 Plymouth commercial with Petula Clark

They don’t make car commercials like they used to.

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Island of Lost Souls

From 1932 comes this pre-code (meaning it’s somewhat racier than the typical fare of the period, but innocuous by today’s standards) strange & weird film Island of Lost Souls featuring a hammy Charles Laughton in the role of Dr. Moreau, a … Continue reading

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“a s c e n s i o n” : a heavenly experience

This is a finished version of the “Cloud Mirror” post from February.  Didn’t change much:  extended the length of the cloud segments & added the rising spheres.  Meditate on this, we are part of something greater !

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“Night Trips”: nocturnal experiments

A collection of photographic abstractions stemming from a disparate collection of nocturnal time-lapse shots collected over the last few years.  Improvisations, if you will.

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Forbidden Planet 1956

Forbidden Planet was MGM’s lavish entry into the pantheon of great 1950’s Science-Fiction Films.  The plot was loosely based on Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” (I never read it either, but there’s a recent film version with Helen Mirren, maybe I should check … Continue reading

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April 20th (4/20, 4:20, 420, whatever)

Let us reflect on the madness of reefer.

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Going The Wrong Way

This made me laugh when I first saw the movie Planes, Trains & Automobiles and it still makes me smile today, almost 30 years later.  There’s something deep going on here.

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Son of Kong: stop-motion fight scenes

These scenes are from Son of Kong, the justly neglected 1933 sequel to King Kong.  Most of the original Kong cast & crew contributed to this film, which was marketed as a comedy.  Few would argue that this film captures … Continue reading

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Outerspace themed doodles & graffiti with hints of a story, as imagined by a young boy.  This was created as a gallery installation, to be run continuously as a seamless loop.

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pavemented graffiti (a strobe film)

Repeating patterns occur in a single frame matrix of mainly pavement textures.  Can induce headaches, or spiritual revelations.  Yes, I like this sort of thing.

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