Maurizio Pollini wins the 1960 Chopin Competition

A young Maurizio Pollini (age 18) takes home 1st prize in the prestigious Chopin Piano Competition held every 5 years in Warsaw, Poland.  The competition is devoted to the works of a single composer, Frédéric Chopin (duh).   The great Arthur Rubinstein, who led the jury, declared Pollini the winner of the competition, allegedly saying: “that boy can play the piano better than any of us”.  

Twelve Tones by Vi Hart

Self proclaimed “Recreational Mathemusician” Vi Hart has created a wonderful video Twelve Tones, ostensibly “about” twelve tone music, randomness, creativity, pattern recognition and much much more.  This beautiful work will amaze and elucidate, and yet will leave you filled with awe at the Mystery of Creation.

Argerich plays Lizst

From 1966:  the great Argentinian pianist Martha Argerich plays Hungarian Rhapsody No. 6 by Franz Liszt (Hungarian 1811-1886).  It is sometimes argued that Liszt was the greatest pianist to ever live.  He was most certainly a great and charismatic showman and his piano music, no doubt, reflects his attributes as a virtuoso.

Liszt at the Piano

List in his last year of life

Liszt in 1886, about 2 months before his death

Crazy Clown Time by David Lynch

This is a music video directed by David Lynch (!) featuring a song from an album of new music from David Lynch (!), sung by David Lynch (!).  It features fleeting glimpses of Lynch, but I can’t take my eyes off the other participants including Paulie in a red shirt and Susie who ripped her shirt off completely.