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Swirly Abstract Cloud(s) Loop

Seriously, I just figured out that you can loop embeds on Vimeo!  Optical illusion:  if you stare at this long enough, and stop it manually, it will appear to reverse direction and keep moving,  slowly. opArt loops are like little … Continue reading

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Amber World w.i.p.

Amber World or Tripped in Amber, something like that, exists as a set of abstracted loops constructed from single frame images (from the American Museum of Natural History), mainly dinosaurs, layered, animated and creatively degraded (as to render the original … Continue reading

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Cloud Mirror (a work in progress)

I’ve been collecting time-lapse clouds for a number of years and thought it was time for an assemblage of some of the nicest ones, but with an abstract twist (the mirror effect).  Kind of makes you look at it differently.

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“Night Trips”: nocturnal experiments

A collection of photographic abstractions stemming from a disparate collection of nocturnal time-lapse shots collected over the last few years.  Improvisations, if you will.

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“Molten Cubes” trippy abstract loop


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Swirly abstract water loop

High speed water shot with a Sony RX100 IV, enhanced via After Effects.  Here’s a common weird effect:  if you stare at this loop until the end, when it stops, it will seem to rotate or twist in the opposite … Continue reading

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Psychedelic “Pseudo-Slit-Scan Eye Effect”

No, this isn’t exactly like the famous “Stargate” sequence in 2001: A Space Odyssey, nor was it done the same way, it’s just that it’s hard to come up with descriptive titles for stuff like this.  Best I could do. … Continue reading

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Cosmic Water loop

I like to mess around with moving texture imagery using Adobe After Effects!  This mesmerizing effect was created from a simple shot of water in a swimming pool, shot on an iPhone in slow motion.  I try to avoid obvious … Continue reading

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loopy streaks movie

Intentionally shot this way!  Filmed with a Super-8 movie camera almost 25 years ago, but left unfinished until I had the film transferred to HD digital format last year.  I carefully went through the footage and created a few dozen loops … Continue reading

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camera test

This is a test (!)  I got a new toy: a Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100M3, a high end point & shoot that is very compact. It’s freaking awesome (even though the manual is virtually unreadable).  Maybe I should say tests instead of … Continue reading

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