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Catalogue: a visit to the American Museum of Natural History

Shooting with a digital SLR, I sort of animate my way through portions of the American Museum of Natural History (New York City).  Entire sequence was edited “in camera”.  Each of the 16 tiles contains the same movie, but offset in … Continue reading

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A Katydid on my window

(At least, I think it’s a katydid) …  it was on my Hotel window one morning last summer in NYC.

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Koi Congregation at the Japanese Tea Garden

Located in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.  When I filmed there in 2006, there were no Koi to be found.  Now, they’re legion.  Part of my ongoing San Francisco Variations project.

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birds on the beach, nothing more

A little reminder of an early morning walk on the beach in Florida (November 19, 2014).

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Slow Life by Daniel Stoupin

Here is a unique and fantastic bit of time-lapse photography by Daniel Stoupin depicting tiny marine animals under very high magnification.  I learned a great new term:  “Focus Stacking”, wherein multiple exposures with different focus planes are merged together in … Continue reading

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Cheetahs filmed in slow motion

No, this was not done in the wild, but with elaborate camera set-ups using a Phantom HD High-Speed digital camera shooting at 1200 frames per second in a controlled environment.  The results are glorious.  If you watch it to the … Continue reading

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Cute Squirrel video

In the interest of keeping up with the fashion of posting cute animal videos, I offer this view of a Squirrel sharing my lunch on top of the Sentinel Dome, Yosemite National Park.

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