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30 day time-lapse: view from a Container Ship

Here’s an awesome time-lapse from JeffHK on YouTube!

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EVERYTHING – mini masterpiece from David OReilly

This is (I guess) a promo for an interactive game with the tag “Be the Universe in this epic reality simulation game” created by David OReilly.  I better stop there.  I am NOT a gamer, and I have no business … Continue reading

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Chopin’s sublime Prelude in C Sharp Minor Opus 45

Young Polish pianist Krzysztof Książek performs the work with great delicacy.  From a performance at the 2015 International Chopin Competition.  Prepare to be mesmerized.

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“a s c e n s i o n” : a heavenly experience

This is a finished version of the “Cloud Mirror” post from February.  Didn’t change much:  extended the length of the cloud segments & added the rising spheres.  Meditate on this, we are part of something greater !

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Cloud Mirror (a work in progress)

I’ve been collecting time-lapse clouds for a number of years and thought it was time for an assemblage of some of the nicest ones, but with an abstract twist (the mirror effect).  Kind of makes you look at it differently.

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Bruce Conner and the Art of Juxtaposition

Dennis Hopper called Bruce Conner “the most important artist of the 20th century”.  He frequently recycled stock footage, found objects, photographs, clippings, whatever, into “assemblages” filled with irony, humor & pathos.  I first encountered Conner via “A MOVIE” in High … Continue reading

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Great photograph by John Schoenwalter

I recently celebrated a birthday and I received a card with this wonderful picture on it.  I dare you to look at this picture and not smile.

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The Crack Between Worlds

Actually, it’s just another sunset over the Pacific, viewed from the Marin Headlands (just north of San Francisco).

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Be the Shark of the Ocean!

Need a pep talk?  Check out the AMAZING Demarjay Smith, age 8, personal trainer & motivational speaker from Jamaica.

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Scenic views from Yosemite

A couple of scenes of the view of Half Dome taken from Glacier Point, followed by a scenic vista from near Inspiration Point (a short hike above Tunnel View).  Freshly filmed from about 10 days ago!

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