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Pavement Numbers Loop

Another abstract construction in the opArt series.

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Swirly Abstract Cloud(s) Loop

Seriously, I just figured out that you can loop embeds on Vimeo!  Optical illusion:  if you stare at this long enough, and stop it manually, it will appear to reverse direction and keep moving,  slowly. opArt loops are like little … Continue reading

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EVERYTHING – mini masterpiece from David OReilly

This is (I guess) a promo for an interactive game with the tag “Be the Universe in this epic reality simulation game” created by David OReilly.  I better stop there.  I am NOT a gamer, and I have no business … Continue reading

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Amber World w.i.p.

Amber World or Tripped in Amber, something like that, exists as a set of abstracted loops constructed from single frame images (from the American Museum of Natural History), mainly dinosaurs, layered, animated and creatively degraded (as to render the original … Continue reading

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“Molten Cubes” trippy abstract loop


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Son of Kong: stop-motion fight scenes

These scenes are from Son of Kong, the justly neglected 1933 sequel to King Kong.  Most of the original Kong cast & crew contributed to this film, which was marketed as a comedy.  Few would argue that this film captures … Continue reading

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Outerspace themed doodles & graffiti with hints of a story, as imagined by a young boy.  This was created as a gallery installation, to be run continuously as a seamless loop.

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pavemented graffiti (a strobe film)

Repeating patterns occur in a single frame matrix of mainly pavement textures.  Can induce headaches, or spiritual revelations.  Yes, I like this sort of thing.

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Seasonal Greetings 2015

Cheers from Lapsed Time Images !

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Psychedelic “Pseudo-Slit-Scan Eye Effect”

No, this isn’t exactly like the famous “Stargate” sequence in 2001: A Space Odyssey, nor was it done the same way, it’s just that it’s hard to come up with descriptive titles for stuff like this.  Best I could do. … Continue reading

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