Cosmic Water loop

I like to mess around with moving texture imagery using Adobe After Effects!  This mesmerizing effect was created from a simple shot of water in a swimming pool, shot on an iPhone in slow motion.  I try to avoid obvious effects filters, preferring to rely on layering techniques that go back to my pre-digital days on the Optical Printer.  The nice thing about digital, however, is that I can do something like this in a couple of hours instead of days & weeks!

loopy streaks movie

Intentionally shot this way!  Filmed with a Super-8 movie camera almost 25 years ago, but left unfinished until I had the film transferred to HD digital format last year.  I carefully went through the footage and created a few dozen loops which were then edited together along with annoying sound effects.  Originally filmed in San Francisco’s North Beach district at night (lots of different lights), and if you’ve ever been there, you will figure out the title CONDOR / ROARING20s.

camera test

This is a test (!)  I got a new toy: a Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100M3, a high end point & shoot that is very compact. It’s freaking awesome (even though the manual is virtually unreadable).  Maybe I should say tests instead of just “test”.  Simply put, it’s just a collection of pretty sketches, done quickly and with great resolution on this tiny yet mighty camera.

whatnot (sample)

whatnot is an assemblage of oddities:  one-offs, experiments, improvisations, tests, variations, outtakes, mistakes & etc.  It consists of previously unused footage I have collected over the last few years with a Digital SLR camera.  It includes some time-lapse, stop-motion & LOTS of After Effects experiments and variations.   Like what you see?  Click on whatnot to see the full version on Vimeo.