Beautifully textured “Red Wall” from Buenos Aires

(couldn’t figure out a better name for this post) Somewhere off a street in Buenos Aires:  a long wall which had been painted, re-painted, scraped, postered, scraped, aged, re-painted, graffitied, etc (you get the idea), creating a universe of beautiful textures.  I shot a series of still photographs, which I later arranged and processed in Adobe After Effects using simple zooms, dissolves and superimpositions to create this effect.

California Highway 120: Tioga Pass into Lee Vining

With a camera mounted on the roof of my car (shooting 1 image per second), I drive from Tioga Pass (eastern entrance to Yosemite National Park, elevation 9,943′) to near the junction of Highway 395 (about 1/4 mile from the town of Lee Vining, elevation 6,781′).  The distance covered is about 10 miles, which lasts 40 seconds in this video clip.  This clip and others are included in my Stock Footage collection, and can be downloaded for ABSOLUTELY FREE !!