SF Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum interviews Bruce Lee

Produced to help promote the upcoming “Bruce Lee 75th Birthday Celebration” (Bruce Lee Night) San Francisco Giants vs New York Mets at AT&T Park in San Francisco on July 7, 2015.  Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum interviews Bruce Lee about, well, pitching!  The footage of Lee was taken from a 1971 television interview by Canadian Pierre Berton (from his self named show).

The Road

Specifically the road between Kishtwar and Kishtwar Kailash basecamp in the Indian Himalaya (thanks to my friend Phil Arnot for sending this link!):

!!!  Takes your breath away (can’t really think of anything witty to say beyond that) !!!  More information can be found in this appropriately named website:  www.dangerousroads.org

Slow Life by Daniel Stoupin

Here is a unique and fantastic bit of time-lapse photography by Daniel Stoupin depicting tiny marine animals under very high magnification.  I learned a great new term:  “Focus Stacking”, wherein multiple exposures with different focus planes are merged together in order to counteract shallow depth of field inherent in macro photography.  Bravo.

Cheetahs filmed in slow motion

No, this was not done in the wild, but with elaborate camera set-ups using a Phantom HD High-Speed digital camera shooting at 1200 frames per second in a controlled environment.  The results are glorious.  If you watch it to the end, they show how it was all done.

NASA photographs (random slideshow)

Did you see the incredible pictures of Saturn taken from the Cassini Spacecraft?  Images from the Hubble Space Telescope?  NASA has thousands of incredible photographs of, well, the heavens… all available online.  Click on the photograph below to start a random slideshow of just a few of these stunning vistas.  Check back from time to time, I will update the show.